Many Democratic candidates throughout DuPage County successfully kicked off their petition drives to get on the Democratic Primary ballot for 2020. Petition kick-off events were held throughout the county, including a very well-attended event in our DGTDO headquarters on September 7. Our office was packed with enthusiastic candidates, petition signers, and precinct committeepersons. Candidates attending included our great U.S. Congressmen Sean Casten and Bill Foster.

Precinct Committeepersons will need to obtain at least 10 signatures (it is recommended to get 15-20) from Democrats in their precincts to be on the Primary Ballot and be elected in March 2020. PC’s can also carry petitions from the candidates of their choice. If you want to be an elected PC, and you have not yet done so, you can obtain PC petitions and voter lists at our headquarters.

It is exciting that we have several contested Primary races in DuPage County. Democrats may sign petitions for more than one Democratic candidate for each office. However, it is not proper to sign both Democratic and Republican petitions. When you sign a petition for a Democratic candidate, you are declaring yourself to be affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Do you want to help your favorite candidate? Any registered voter can help to circulate petitions for a candidate. Petitions can be obtained in our DGTDO headquarters at 908 Curtiss Ave. in Downers Grove or contact the candidate. We can even provide you with a list of Democratic voters to visit and ask for signatures.

Once you have filled a petition with signatures, the petition must be notarized. We often have notaries in our office, especially on Saturdays. The bank where you have an account will also likely notarize for you free of charge. Completed and notarized petitions can be turned in at our office and we will get them to the candidates to be filed.

Petitions for most candidates will be filed between November 25 and December 2, 2019. The exception is Presidential candidate delegates who will file in January 2020.