By Maryann Vazquez

“Vote Blue no matter who” is the Mantra of Democrats wanting to take back the White House from its current resident, a deranged pathological liar with a predilection for daily chaos. The current resident who shall go nameless seeks to destroy our Democratic Republic and transform it into an authoritarian government that is a blend of an oligarchy and theocracy. Some voters might think they have the “luxury” of having a temper tantrum, carelessly disregarding their vote and walking away if their candidate does not win the nomination. It should be clear by now that all Liberals/Progressives have shared values, and that Conservatives in positions of power are dismantling protections for the things we all value in every level of government. Those values should be front and center in every decision we make as we approach the next two election cycles.

Democratic Candidates are running up and down the ticket throughout Illinois this primary season. Should your candidate not win the primary, keep in mind you are voting your values. Values that are shared by every Democrat. We may vary on how to get there, however the goals of protecting shared values are always the same. Democrats vote to protect our environment, healthcare, LGBTQ, minorities, immigrants, women, unions, education.  We also want to protect our children against gun violence and serve the poor and disabled. If those values are your truth, if those are the values you hold dear, then on March 18, 2020(the day after the Primary), take a breath, grieve your loss, and put on your big kid pants. We need everyone to dive into the General Election, embrace our Democratic Slate like they are the only ones you ever loved. Serve those candidates as you did in the Primary. Most of all, Remember to VOTE like your life depends on it and Vote Blue no Matter Who! 

P.S. Please don’t bash the other candidates. There is no need to hand the Republicans talking points for the General Election.