By Kim Savage

With the ever-changing political drama unfolding before us in real time, it is easy to become consumed with frustration, anger, and resentment when the Republicans have united to sanction bribery of a foreign official for political gain. It is a disingenuous display, intended to distract people from the serious situation at hand. However, as I have said before, we cannot afford to be distracted!

On the local front, candidates have been industriously collecting signatures to get on the ballot. Running for office is not an easy task, so please be sure to respect the time and effort that they have given to this endeavor. Information about the candidates is on the DGTDO Website under the 2020 Election link. In addition to the regular candidates, there are delegates running to represent the Presidential candidates at the Democratic National Convention.

We must remain focused on ensuring a large Democratic turnout for the Primary and General Elections in DuPage County. The Republicans are lying in wait to reclaim the turf they lost in 2018. They certainly do not want the Democrats to gain additional ground by adding County Board, Forest Preserve and County-wide officials. Nor do they want us to gain additional seats in the Illinois House or Senate.

The key to our success will be continuing to build our local Democratic community. At the November DGTDO meeting, we overwhelmingly voted to sign a 2-year lease to stay at 908 Curtiss Street. Thanks to the ongoing financial support of local Democrats, the office continues to serve as a community center for local Democrats. The Events and Outreach Committee has worked hard to create events that interest a cross-section of people who share similar values. In addition, grassroots campaigns use the office as a launching pad for canvasses and phone banks. The office also serves as a learning lab for high school students who are exploring politics and government.

As we move in to the holiday season, we invite you to join us for our annual holiday party on December 9. May all of you enjoy the blessings of family and friends during the coming months, but don’t forget to stay focused on the future success of electing Democrats.