January 2020 Message from the Chair

By Kim Savage

Happy Blue Year to Everyone! Yes, you read it right! While it is a New Year, it will be a very Blue Year; the year we beat Trump…and the GOP.

Every day we are bombarded with new surprises from the GOP and the Occupant of the White House. It can be confusing and overwhelming. Unfortunately, we can’t control some of the things that happen, but everyone can do something to help move us forward on our ultimate mission.

The DGTDO Office has proved to be a catalyst for organizing Democrats and focusing our energy in a positive direction. From its inception, it has been a grassroots initiative funded and staffed by local Democrats to provide a comfortable space for action and interaction. Thank you to all of our supporters, your financial support drives the work we are able to do.

The office is more than a place, it is an incubator where ideas and actions burst forth to educate the uninformed and the misinformed. We have successfully contacted voters by hosting many canvasses, phone banks, and post card parties. We have successfully connected people with ideas by hosting educational events on topics like “Vote at Home”, “Fair Tax Amendment”, and immigration. We have hosted debate watch parties to bring people together in community to share the excitement of the upcoming elections. Most importantly, we were able to provide service to Precinct Committeepersons and Candidates by having a central (and very organized) location for the petition gathering process. In the coming weeks, we look forward to a new Constitution Class, the ongoing Liberal Book Club, and a base for campaign operations for our local candidates. 

All of these activities are organized and executed by Grassroots Volunteers! There is always something for everyone at all skill levels to do.

Our priority for this election year is to energize and engage Democratic voters to ensure that all of our districts continue to be represented by Democrats in Congress and on the County Board, that we re-elect Rep. Stava-Murray and elect Democrat Jennifer Zordani to the state legislature, and that we elect more Democrats to the DuPage County Board, Forest Preserve District, County-wide offices, and as judges to the Circuit Court.

Your contributions of time, talent, and treasure are appreciated and will make this a successful year! Thanks in advance!

Happy Blue Year!