By Carla Feinknd

In this Trump/GOP era, every day brings new DANGERS and so many outrages.

Trump AND the GOP encourage hate and fear that divide us and foment violence.  Their well-armed haters shoot up houses of worship, our communities and schools.  Their hate encourages many to look away from the kids in cages…because “Ya Know, they are brown and speak Spanish.” And, as we are distracted by the visceral hate, Trump and his crew have dismantled so many of the laws and regulations that protected our air and water, our work places, the food we eat. They have assaulted our access and right to healthcare. Every day, Trump and his silently complicit GOP bring us closer to the brink of war …where we stand alone.

Even, Democrats are getting exhausted and feeling sad and powerless.  BUT SAD or even SCARED will NOT help us.  ONLY WE CAN MAKE THIS STOP.  WE MUST BUILD A HUGE BLUE WAVE.  That means:

#1 Donate to local Democrats and donate nationwide too.  Have you donated to Moscow Mitch’s challenger, Amy McGrath or Lindsey Graham’s challenger, Jaimie Harrison?  Any little bit helps, $5, $25…  DO YOU DONATE?  PLEASE DONATE!!!!          

#2 Work with local Democrats to support and elect local Democrats.  Locally, you can really help by coming into our Curtiss Street office and pitching in.

#3 Write post cards to voters. We do this at the DGTDO Curtiss street office.

#4 CALL and CALL and CALL Both Houses of Congress (202-224-3121) to DENOUNCE Trump and GOP actions of malice and criminality.  Ask Democrats to MAKE NOISE and continue to PUSH and RESIST.  Call your legislators in Springfield too and Gov. Pritzker 212-782-0244.

Our calls, donations and actions ARE THE BLUE WAVE!  Remember it can’t be just one and done.  We need to stay busy and bring along friends. It’s interesting how many new friends were…Republicans before 2016!

We are the many. NOW BE THE BIG BLUE WAVE…If NOT now, WHEN????