By Chris Hotchkin

Elected Precinct Committeepersons should have received a packet from the County Clerk that includes a current voter list that designates who voted in the 2020 Democratic Primary. You can use this list to thank your 2020 Democratic voters, either with a hand-written post card or phone call. Here is a sample of a simple script:  “Thank you for voting in the 2020 Primary Election and for voting a Democratic Ballot. We know it might have taken an extra effort to vote in this election and we congratulate you for being a good citizen. Please go to www.dgdemocrats.org for more information.”

The packet from the County Clerk also contains a form for certifying election judges. This is something we need to do every two years. Your packet contains a list of people who are considered Active judges, those who have been Election Judges in the past, and those who have expressed interest in serving. You should contact these people to see who wishes to be certified as an Election Judge. One of your privileges as a PC is to appoint Election Judges to be certified. If there is anyone on the list who you do not think should be a judge, for whatever reason, you do not have to appoint them. Similarly, if there is someone in your precinct who is not on the list, and you are aware that they are interested in serving, you absolutely may appoint them.

In your packet is a green form, with different colored copies attached, which you will use to appoint your judges. You do not need to have 5 judges listed—just do the best you can. You might want to contact some of the strong Democrats in your precinct to ask if any voter in the household would like to serve as an Election Judge. Once you have filled out the form, please either mail it to DG Twp. Democrats, P.O. Box 785, Downers Grove, 60515 or slip it through the mail slot at our office at 908 Curtiss, Downers Grove. Kim asks that we get these delivered by May 30.

You have also received via email a list for your precinct from our intrepid Sue Sitton. This list contains important information about your voters, including the “DNC Score”. This score is obtained from a variety of resources and tells you how strong a Democrat each voter is. This is a much more accurate and reliable score than the “Strong Democrat” or “Leans Democrat” designation in Vote Builder which has not been updated in the past few years. You can use these DNC scores to tell you which voters you want to cultivate, which ones to thank and encourage, and frankly which ones are not really Democrats and on whom you might not want to spend time and resources.

You will also soon be getting an updated list from the Democratic Party of DuPage County.

As a long-time precinct committeeperson, I can tell you how great it is to have so much data and support from our party—township, county, state, and DNC. Our job is to use this data to engage and inform our good Democrats and to seek out and identify new Democratic voters.