By Margaret Brownlie
Lots of people are concerned about election security. Few are clear about what the problems actually are, beyond foreign interference.” Fewer still are aware that there are actions people can take — even from home — that will increase election security. Were working to change that.
Emily Levy, founder of ScrutineersCommunity.org
Scrutineers is a movement founded by Emily Levy seeking all who are willing to learn NOW to BE TRAINED in securing our elections from your home!
Scrutineers Community Mission Statement includes:
  1. Helping Black and other under-represented voters register and VOTE
  2. Start learning (no, it is NOT TOO LATE) about what is happening in the management of your local elections.
  3. Help grow the Scrutineers movement
  4. Make sure you are registered to vote and then VOTE! Encouraging Vote by Mail is an important component in this election and Illinois legislation has truly supported this idea.
  5. (I am personally fond of this part of the mission  statement and am inviting anyone interested in upcoming online trainings and thus become part of an election security “pod” that  I am forming in this county, please let me know.)
  6. Build a pod, a squad, or an affinity group of people to work with to protect your local elections.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that ever has.” Anthropologist Margaret Mead’s famous quote is important to our work! While we’re building a national “Fairness Force,” the work will happen in small groups all over the country. You’ll want a few people local to your voting jurisdiction who you can work with closely. (In most cases that’s your county. In a few states, it could be your city or township.) A diverse group of three to ten people is ideal. Call it a pod, call it a squad, call it an affinity group. Remember, in most cases people don’t have to be able to vote to do this work. There may be passionate high school students, people disenfranchised because of past convictions, or non-citizens who’d love to be involved and could be great assets to your pod.
Let me know if you can join me in working and training as part of this Scrutineers Community!
We know that many other groups have been deeply involved for many years in alignment with this movement….League of Women Voters, ACLU, Audit USA, BlackBoxVoting, Fair Vote, Protect Our Votes, Secure Elections Network and many, many more. The reason this movement is appealing to me right now is the ACTIVE training being offered NOW!
In this vein…….Next Thursday July 16 at 7 PM, League of Women Voters is Zooming with Jean Kaczmarek to update our county on the upcoming election. Please register online! We can become part of the solution instead of complaining about the problem.
Without argument, we have our work cut out.  Let’s ROLL.
Margaret Brownlie PC #15
Text me at 630 712 1743 for more info.