By Joanna Williams
Why Vote By Mail?
Vote By Mail is currently available to all Illinois Residents. Both Republican and Democratic Election Judges are ALWAYS present during all phases of processing Vote by Mail Ballots (Postmark Check, Signature Check, Feeding the Ballot through the Machine, etc…). Vote By Mail provides a paper trail that can always be verified/audited. Vote By Mail is an excellent option to keep both your health and vote safe. You Can Apply to Vote By Mail Today.
STEP 1: Request Your Vote By Mail Application
Option 1: APPLY ONLINE – APPLY NOW – Apply Here – Best Option
Option 2: Apply via Mailed Application – Mailed after 8/1 if you don’t apply online
Option 3: Apply in Person – Election Division, 421 N. County Farm Road Rd, Wheaton
Option 4: Apply via Phone – 630-407-5600, Spanish 630-407-5608, TDD 630-407-5631
Option 5: Apply via Downloaded Application – 
Download Here
Important Links
VBM Apply Online:
Download VBM Application:
DuPage County – Vote By Mail – Info:
Check Voter Registration Status or Register to Vote:
DuPage County Clerk’s Statement on Vote By Mail:
STEP 2: Fill Out & Return Your VBM Ballot
Fill out the VBM Ballot (make sure to flip it over and vote for all races and questions). Once filled out, seal the ballot in the return envelope and sign the back of the envelope.
Option 1: Return Your VBM Ballot via Mail – add postage and drop in the mail.
Option 2: Return Your VBM Ballot in Person – Election Division at 421 N. County Farm Road Rd, Wheaton OR at a polling location. Note: If the voter is not the one dropping off the ballot, they must fill out and sign the Affidavit of Delivery on the flap of the envelope.
Vote By Mail Dates
NOW – Request (i.e. Apply for) Your VBM Ballot (last day to apply, 10/29)
9/24 – VBM Ballots Start to Be Mailed Out by Election Division
9/25 (or later) – Receive your VBM Ballot
*ASAP – Once VBM Ballot received, fill out & return asap
11/3 – Deadline for Signed, VBM Envelope with Ballot to be Returned/Postmarked

WARNING: Only fill out a Vote By Mail Application if you are going to vote via your VBM Ballot (if you fill out the application to Vote By Mail and you show up for early voting or voting on election day, you will be given a provisional ballot, unless you bring your VBM Ballot and Return Envelope with you, it’s best to avoid this situation). Early Voting and Election Day voting will still be available.