Assessor has specific requirements:

 NOMINATED CANDIDATES FOR ASSESSOR The Certificate of Nomination by Caucus, Statement of Candidacy, the Loyalty Oath (optional), and receipt for filing a Statement of Economic Interests filed on behalf of a candidate for the office of (multi) township assessor are not valid unless the candidate files with the township clerk or board of election commissioners, as the case may be, proof of their qualifications pursuant to Section 2-45 of the Property Tax Code. (35 ILCS 200/2-45(e)) In accordance with the Property Tax Code, a candidate for (multi) township assessor cannot file nominating papers or participate as a candidate unless a copy of the certificate of their qualifications is filed with the township clerk, board of election commissioners, or other appropriate authority as required by the Election Code. (35 ILCS 200/2-45(b)) See the 2021 State Board of Elections’ Candidate’s Guide for more information regarding these qualifications. The appropriate election authority shall notify the candidates for township assessor or multi-township assessor of the obligation to file proof of their qualifications as provided in Section 2-45 of the Property Tax Code. (60 ILCS 1/45-40) 

 (1) a currently active Certified Illinois Assessing Officer designation from the Illinois Property Assessment Institute;

(2) (blank);

(3) a currently active AAS, CAE, or MAS designation from the International Association of Assessing Officers;

(4) a currently active MAI, SREA, SRPA, SRA, or RM designation from the Appraisal Institute;

(5) a currently active professional designation by any other appraisal or assessing association approved by the Department; or

(6) (blank).