By Kim Savage, DGTDO Chair

Do you have a voting plan? Studies show that people who have a voting plan are more likely to vote than those who do not think about it in advance. Make sure everyone in your household and in your “bubble” has a voting plan and make sure they vote!

We all know that this is the most important election of our lifetime. Just as important as voting is making sure you finish your ballot! Finishing your ballot means voting it from top to bottom, starting with the Fair Tax Amendment all the way down to the Circuit Court Judges. The Trump voters will vote for EVERY Republican on the ballot without question. However, we know that Democrats are likely to vote only for the candidates they know. Seriously, I hope everyone reading this understands that the DuPage Republicans have endorsed Trump. The DuPage GOP is Trump, so skipping Democratic candidates means that you will be voting for Trump supporting Republicans. Let’s keep Trump-supporting Republicans out of office by voting for all candidates up and down the ballot.

If you are still not sure about some candidates or issues, we have loaded up our website with tons of information. The Democratic Party of DuPage County also has a boatload of information, plus, they have assisted the Democrats running for office county-wide and for County Board to make videos. Watch the videos. Share them with your family and friends. Then, share them again. Don’t forget to vote for EVERY Democrat on your ballot! Remember, the Republicans running for these offices have endorsed Donald Trump for President (need I say more?).

Speaking of the Republicans, they still control the DuPage County Board and the Forest Preserve District. If you have been reading my messages, you know we can flip these bodies in this election. If you weren’t sure you should vote for the fiercely capable Democrats running for these positions, let me share an important reason why you should vote for the Democratic candidates. The Republican controlled County Board voted to exclude two Important referendum questions from the ballot that would provide you, the voters, with the opportunity to give advice on consolidating the Recorder’s Office with the Clerk’s Office and to reduce the size of the County Board. These questions were proposed by Democratic members of the Board and replaced by the questions that are on your ballot asking about making funding for law enforcement a priority, providing PPE, and training law enforcement. Hello! They are already doing these things, and if not, why not? But, guess what? They can only have 3 questions on the ballot. Enough said, (so if you want to skip something on the ballot, those are the ones to blow past because they are just there for distraction and to appeal to the Republican base. Just make sure to complete your ballot for all the candidate races).

Remember, everyone in Downers Grove Township (and all of DuPage County) has a Democratic Congressional Representative and a Democratic County Board member. In our township, we have one Democratic State Representative, Anne Stava-Murray. She has proven herself as someone who fights for her constituents in Springfield and brings new energy to the legislature. Her opponent is well liked locally, but remember, she is a DuPage Republican and supports Donald Trump. We have the opportunity to elect another Democrat in the northeast portion of the township, Jennifer Zordani. Jennifer is a fierce, no-nonsense candidate who stepped up to run for Congress in 2018. She has continued to be engaged with the community since then and believes in the great state that Illinois can become again. She is running against a Tea-Party Trump supporter who has a spotty record of attendance in Springfield and is an avowed Illinois-hater. Vote for these Democrats if they are on your ballot. You will not regret it.

While we all have Democratic Congresspeople in Downers Grove Township, we cannot take it for granted. Whether you are in Sean Casten’s district, or another Congressional District, it is essential that people get out and volunteer for Sean’s campaign! We fought hard to get him elected and he has responsibly served his constituency. If you are in one of the other districts, we want you to support your Democratic representative too, but Sean must be re-elected, so please help get the job done.

Fairness is also on the ballot this year. The DuPage County Democratic Central Committee (which is made up of all the Precinct Committeepersons in the county) voted to endorse the Fair Tax Amendment. Every Democratic leader in Illinois also supports this initiative. The Fair Tax Amendment will bring our tax system up-to-date with the one used by a majority of states and the federal government, lift the burden off of lower and middle-income Illinoisans by asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share, and ensure at least 97% of Illinoisans see their taxes cut or remain the same.

Are you ready to do this? Make your vote plan. Vote as soon as you can, either by mail or in person; preferably on a paper ballot (the only Early Voting location with paper ballots is at the DuPage County Fairgrounds). If you requested a Vote by Mail Ballot, you MUST either vote it and return it by mail, in a designated drop box at a polling location, or bring it with you (including envelope) to your polling place on Election Day. If you vote on Election Day or in person Early Voting, be safe. Please wash your hands, keep your face covered, and maintain an appropriate social distance.

No matter how you vote, be sure to FINISH your ballot from top to bottom.