By Chris Hotchkin

Curious about Biden’s top Plans? We’ve got you covered!

First, the good news: The American Rescue Plan

In March, Biden’s Coronavirus Relief Bill passed in the Senate! (No thanks to a singleRepublican.) Hundreds of millions of Americans received a direct payment of up to $1,400 along with a $300 weekly federal supplement to unemployment benefits through the summer. Included in the Bill was $350 billion in emergency funding for localities and $21.6 billion for federally subsidized housing.

But there’s more work to do! Yet to be passed are:

·        The American Jobs Plan – Biden’s revolutionary infrastructure plan includes $621 billion for transportation projects, funnels $111 billion into drinking-water infrastructure, and provides billions more for expanding broadband access and upgrading electric grids! Any construction and renovation of affordable housing will reap tax credits, public housing will see an additional $40 billion of improvements, and public schools will receive $100 billion for building and upgrading. Lastly, this Bill invests in manufacturers, small businesses, clean energy jobs, and workers who care for aging relatives and people with disabilities.

·        The American Families Plan – Biden unveiled spending increases and tax cuts that seek to expand access to education, reduce the cost of childcare, and support women in the work force. The American Families Plan includes freeuniversal preschool for 5 million children in low-income and working-class families and provides funding for twofree years of community college education to all Americans, including Dreamers! By focusing on closing tax loopholes and raising the marginal income tax rate, the Plan could raise $700 billion from high earners and corporations that evade taxes.

·        HR 1 – For the People Act – With our voting rights under attack by Republicans in 43 states – yes, thatmany! – HR1 is the most important piece of legislation before the Senate right now. HR1 ensures voting rights and access across the United States with things like same day and internet voter registration, as well as voting system securities. It also codifies campaign finance and ethics. Simply put, Democrats want to make it easier for everyoneto vote – and Republicans are fighting tooth and nail against it.

Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family! Help them understand what Biden’s Plans entail.

And then, urge Congress to PASS THESE BILLS.

Let Mitch McConnell know that we HEARD him say that, “One-hundred percent of our focus is on stopping this new administration.” If Republicans are only going to defend treason, hurt the American people in order to maintain power, and line their own pockets, then it’s up to WE THE PEOPLE.

Call Congress at (202) 224-3121 today!