By Kim Savage

Primary elections demonstrate party strength. Period.

For decades, Republicans in DuPage County reliably came out and voted in the primaries, while Democrats sat on the sidelines helping perpetuate the myth that we were a red county. Even though the demographics have shifted in our favor, DuPage County has had the seconded largest number of Democrats in any Illinois county for decades and has been vital to the success of statewide candidates.

There have been so many excuses for not voting in the primaries.

  • There is nothing to vote for if primaries are not contested.
  • Voting for the worst/best Republican will either make a Democratic win possible or provide the least offensive opponent if we lose.
  • Voters are not familiar with the candidates.
  • It won’t make a difference.

These are all bad reasons for not voting in the Democratic primary or worse yet, voting in the Republican primary to mess with their outcomes.

  • Democrats need to vote Democratic in every primary. It is a statement about the values of the community.
  • It signals that Democrats support the election of Democratic representation up and down the ballot.
  • It respects the initiative taken by Democratic candidates to step forward and run.
  • It helps Democratic candidates attract more money for their campaigns because donors know that Democrats will be reliable voters.
  • It attracts better Democratic candidates because they know they can count on voter support.
  • It defines voter strength in the election of the Democratic Party Chair in DuPage County and in slating candidates for ballot vacancies or replacement of Democratic elected officials who resign. Each Precinct Committeeperson casts a weighted vote based on the number of Democrats who voted in the Primary Election in their precinct in these situations.

There are contested races in this Democratic primary. Voters need to educate themselves on the best candidates to move forward into the General Election to insure Democratic victories. Visit the Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization website to find links to the candidates running in the primary.

Remember, Democrats Deliver. Don’t overthink it.