By Leslie Fugitt-Sadowski

Your participation in the 2022 midterm elections is imperative to ensuring our Democratic values are upheld. Recent polling suggests that the Democratic majority is in danger. We know that the higher the voter turnout, the better the Democrats do at the polls. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to:

Invest in the Democratic Party. The DGTDO is committed to growing strong Democratic candidates for local, state, and federal offices. Each year we continue to make gains in DuPage County. Support your local party organization financially or volunteer your time to ensure our candidates are successful in 2022.

Act on behalf of our Democratic values and candidates. Canvass your neighborhood, talk to people about their vision for the future, and celebrate the fact that voters now have a choice in DuPage County. Afraid to canvass? Try your hand at phone banking, text banking, or postcards.

Win the 2022 midterms. We are at a critical place in history. We all know the damage done from 2016-2020, and President Biden, Congress, the DuPage County Board, and others are working tirelessly to improve the lives of all Americans and those immigrants seeking a brighter future.

Now is the time to attend fundraisers, contribute to campaigns, talk to your neighbors, and do what you can to get out the vote for the June 28th primary. We have seen over the last two years that Democrats deliver on our promises. Illinois’ finances are the best they have been in decades, Congress is making strides on climate change legislation among other key issues, and Democrats across the country are fighting anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. For the well-being of all, particularly those most marginalized by recent GOP attacks, we must get out the vote this primary and midterm season. What are you waiting for?