By Julia Beckman

I am grateful to all who had the confidence to elect me as your new Chairman.  While I am certainly not new to this organization, this position is new for me.  I pledge to listen and learn from all of you as we race toward the November election and beyond.

Our goals are ambitious — not only to win for Democrats from the top to the bottom of the ballot in November, but beyond that to keep building the party so that we can influence the April local elections which are more important than ever and then look further ahead to 2024.  Oh yes, then there is the 2025 Township election!   For us, the fun never stops!   I’m sure we’ll all work together to knock doors, make phone calls and send out mailings.  Perhaps most important, my goal is to find even more volunteers — to fill empty precincts and any other jobs that need doing.   Start thinking now about your friends and family who might be willing and then please pick up the phone when you see my name on your Caller ID!

I’m so pleased to have my dear friend (I won’t say old, but we have known each other forever!), Chris Hotchkin as the new VP.  She is such a loyal Democrat that, even though she has chaired DGTDO twice, she said “yes” to the call for this critical position.  No one knows more about how things are done in the township and county than Chris.  Thank you so much!

Finally, even as great as Chris is and as willing as I am, you know we’ll need you all to step up.  We’ve said it so often lately, but it’s really true — Democracy is on the line this year and Democrats Deliver.

Let’s all deliver for Downers Grove Township!  Thanks for your confidence in Chris and me!

Julia Kennedy Beckman