By Chris Hotchkin

Thank you to Greg and Leslie and Steve for their leadership these past years. Leading an organization during a pandemic is no easy task. We appreciate their commitment to DGTDO and we will be calling on them for the particular knowledge and skills they bring, including liaison with labor, our presence on social media, and strategy.

Thank you for your trust in Julia and me. I have served as chair of DGTDO previously, but now the demographics, the issues, the importance of our winning is a different landscape. Julia and I know this. Together we do bring many years of experience to the job ahead, but more importantly we bring minds open to new ideas, to your ideas.

Thank you to all of you who were on the ballot for precinct committeeperson. There is no job in our party that is more important. You are the direct link to our voters and you will bring us victories in November.

Our township has the most Democratic votes in the county, partly because of the size of our township, but also because we have many voters in our communities who care about the environment and gun safety and women’s rights. It will be our very important job, all of us, to get out as many Democratic votes as we can in November. Votes that will re-elect JB and keep our majority in the Illinois legislature and on the DuPage County Board and Forest Preserve. Votes that will elect fair and compassionate Democratic judges who will protect our civil rights. Votes that will re-elect Sean Casten and Bill Foster and Senator Tammy Duckworth.

DuPage County is crucial to any statewide election and Downers Grove Township is key to DuPage. Julia and I, along with any who wish to help, will be creating a strategic plan and timeline for between now and November 8.  We will have a plan for delivering the message about Democratic values and a plan for getting Democrats to vote. We will be starting this plan now, because now is the time to get going. If you have ideas or concerns, we want to hear them. Downers Grove Township Democrats have a long history of working together, of always keeping our focus on the prize. We will continue to work as one very strong township organization that includes everyone who wants to elect Democrats. Whether you are a PC, an office volunteer, you stuff lit bags, write post cards, make phone calls, we are one team determined to do the best we can to get Democrats elected up and down the ballot.