August 2022

Now is the time to put our gears in FORWARD to engage in the important work of electing Democrats across the ballot in November. Our work as Precinct Committeepersons is KEY to our victories.

VOTE BY MAIL applications may be applied for now. EARLY VOTING starts October 24. We should inform our voters soon of the various options they will have for voting in this election. Now is the time to begin sharing the Democratic message with voters in our precincts and informing them about our wonderful slate of candidates. If we start knocking on doors soon, we will have time to have conversations with voters at their door about our message and why it is critical that they vote in this election. This is the most effective way to reach our voters—talking to them directly at their door or on the phone.

We are gearing up to stuff door hanger bags with candidate literature. This will make it easy for a PC to pick up the literature for candidates in your precinct from our headquarters at 908 Curtiss in Downers Grove. These bags will start being stuffed end of August, early September. Votebuilder will be updated in early September so that we can provide up to date lists. All PCs should prepare a letter to the voters in our precinct, informing them of the options for voting and why they must vote Democratic this election. A sample letter that PCs can adapt to your precinct is here. You may print your letter in our Downers Grove Democrats office at 908 Curtiss. Then you can stuff your letter in each of the door hanger bags. If you are not able to walk your precinct and instead you mail to your voters, a letter is even more important for you to communicate how to vote and why the voter should vote “blue” for all offices.

If you need a list of voters you should contact for this election, please contact Sue Sitton (sasitton@aol.com) or Chris Hotchkin (chotchkin@sbcglobal.net).

Other important PC duties happening now:

Contact the Democratic households in your precinct to see if anyone needs to be REGISTERED TO VOTE. The easiest way to register, or to check on one’s registration is to go to ova.elections.il.gov. There are flyers on Voter Registration in our office, if you would like to copy them to include in your lit bags.

There are CANDIDATE YARD SIGNS in our office. Stop in to pick some up to display in your yard and to offer to good Democrats in your precinct.