By Chris Hotchkin

Just as we are recycling or storing signs and literature from the 2022 election, we realize that the upcoming April 4 consolidated election will be really important for our way of life and our children’s education. This is the election in which we will choose school board members, members of our village councils, members of library boards, and other local boards. These races are non-partisan; there will be no identification on the ballot of which candidates are Democrats and who are Republican. So, what is the role of a Democratic Precinct Committeeperson in the non-partisan consolidated election?

As in any election, the most important role of Precinct Committeepersons is to encourage and facilitate our voters who tend to vote Democratic to get out and vote. As in other elections, voters will have a choice in the method they will use to vote: Vote by Mail, Vote Early, or Vote on Election Day. One of the most effective ways to get out the vote for an election like this is the Democratic PC Precinct Letter. In your letter you can remind voters of the different voting methods they can choose from.

Since voters may not be aware of who is running for the various positions, in your letter you might want to mention races you think are especially critical in your area and which candidates you think will best represent Democratic values. Likely by the end of January there will be a list of all candidates for this election in the Google Drive folder that has been shared with our PCs called “PC Resources”. The candidates that represent Democratic values will be signified, likely by an asterisk. If you have any questions about how to access this folder, please contact Sue Sitton in the office. Our office phone is 630-297-8600.

The Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization will host some “Days of Action” leading up to the April 4 election. These will be door-to-door canvasses staged out of our office in Downers Grove. We will provide lists of voters to be contacted and candidates will be invited to have literature in the office that we can distribute. Which candidates you wish to support in a Day of Action will be up to you. You may wish to canvass for certain school board candidates or village board candidates or both.

While the April 4 election is non-partisan, and we have NO intention to inject partisanship into any of these races, it will be especially important in these times to elect school board members and local government members who will represent the values of inclusion, acceptance, ethics, truth-telling, and support for working families that are the hallmarks of our party. We need to stand up for those who are the targets of hate, prejudice, falsehoods, and suppression. We will work for the election of candidates who will show honest concern for the well-being of our citizens, who will focus on facts and govern responsibly.