By Carla Feinkind

I grew up in an almost totally homogenous Left/Liberal, Pro-Union, Pro-Civil Rights community and I even during my childhood attended a camp with those values.

Fast forward to 1995 when we moved to Hinsdale. I was in for the SHOCK of my life!!!!  I had seen Republicans on TV but had NEVER met one in the flesh.  These people were educated and not crazy BUT, they VOTED REPUBLICAN!!

I did NOT meet any Democrats until I “stumbled” onto our Democratic Organization a bit later!   The group was not large at the time, but it was inspiring. Now, thanks to trump’s 4-year reign of LIES, HATE, and MALICE, more and more people are waking up.

Much has changed for the better in DuPage County, with a Democratic majority countywide! Still, there is progress to be made in spreading the word. We should network with fellow Democrats to GROW our community. Work your friend connections.  Have people over for coffee. Talk about the GOP’s lies and assaults on our rights: ANTI-CHOICE, VOTER SUPPRESSION, RIGHTWING LIES , EXPLODING RIGHTWING VIOLENCE , BOOK BANNING, MALICE TOWARDS the LGBTQ COMMUNITY, CLIMATE CHANGE…etc. These are HAIR-on-FIRE issues. We know that our fights to protect people are URGENT.  Biden and our Democrats are pushing through laws to make life BETTER, FAIRER, FREER for ALL.

In Biden’s powerful SOTU speech, he pointed out that Democrats want to fairly TAX the VERY RICH and tax evading Mega Corporations, like oil, big pharma, etc!  Biden BRILLANTLY defended Medicare and Social Security, backing REPUBLICANS into a corner until they applauded Biden’s work to protect those programs!  Biden stood strongly for working middle class Americans and the unions which made/make us strong!

Invite a friend or new neighbor to a township meeting or one of our other local events. At our office we can stuff envelopes and catch up on the latest news as we chat over coffee.  We can ask people to contact elected people and share sample letters.  During a campaign, we can join up to phone bank or canvass homes. Everything is more fun with a friend.