By Julia Kennedy Beckman, DGTDO Chair

DGTDO Chair Report – March 8, 2023

Election News:
Here we are in the final weeks before the APRIL 4 non-partisan election.  We have less than 2 weeks to persuade voters to choose the best candidates who share our values and will:

  • Follow the facts in any issue
  • Protect our towns, schools and libraries from book banners, haters of LGBTQI+ and other minorities.
  • Listen to all opinions, reject those which are based on lies
  • Treat fellow officeholders, staff, and the public with respect

This is a complicated election for DGTDO.  Our job is to research and get information out to all of you on candidates for village/city councils, school boards, park boards and library boards in all of our communities.  DG Township contains all or part of 12 towns, 13 school districts, 3 Congressional Districts, 3 IL House Districts and 2 IL Senate Districts.

At our March meeting, we heard from 25!! candidates, all qualified and eager to serve their communities.  Sue Sitton is busy every day updating our website.  Check it often for the best information on the best candidates who are most likely to align with democratic values.   There was a time just a few years ago when we did not take positions in Consolidated elections – candidates might differ from us, but none were far right radical types bent on dismantling civil government.  In the past few years these extreme groups have become louder and more violent.  We need to be more involved.

The good news is they are still in the minority, and we are rising to the challenge – knocking on doors, attending meet and greets, posting on social media, making calls, and sending postcards on behalf of the candidates who, again, share our values.

If you are a PC, PLEASE walk or mail to your precinct for all those office seekers.  You should have received a targeted emailed precinct list already.  If not, you can obtain walk lists from Sue in our office (sasitton@aol.com) and from some candidates themselves.  A personal letter from you is very effective.  A sample PC letter was emailed to PCs with their lists.  Here’s a link to the sample letter.

If you are not a PC, walk an “orphan precinct” (one without a PC), mail postcards, make phone calls or send texts.  Or talk to 10 of your neighbors and friends.  If everyone on our newsletter list convinced 10 people, that would mean thousands more votes.   Also, stay alert for Days of Action.  Our office will be open on Saturdays from 10 to 4 and Sundays from 11 to 4 until April 4.  Volunteer for any of these fine people — carry lit for more than one!  As President Obama always asked “Are you fired up?”  “Ready to go?” Let’s do this!

Onward Together!