By Chris Hotchkin

If you attended the Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization meeting on February 8, you viewed a video reviewing the several right-wing groups in Illinois that are constantly attacking school boards and library boards using red herring non-issues such as the teaching of critical race theory or concern about the teaching of sexual information. In our area these groups include Awake Illinois and the Proud Boys.

With this right-wing threat to our children and our freedom, it is important that we work to promote the election of candidates for school boards, municipal boards, and library boards who share the democratic values of teaching truth and facts, inclusion, and equity.

Although the Consolidated Election to be held on April 4 is a non-partisan election, Democratic Precinct Committeepersons can work for the election of good candidates who are running for the right reasons. We have a committee that is working on obtaining information from the candidates who will be on the ballot on April 4. They are sending out a simple questionnaire to candidates. As the committee receives responses, they will be put on our DGTDO website–dgdemocrats.org.

It will be helpful for our PCs to compose a precinct letter for this election. Let our Democrats know the ways that they can vote. There is information about voting on our website. Let our Democratic voters be aware of which candidates share democratic values. Take this letter with any candidate literature you wish to carry to the doors of your Democratic voters. Let’s work to get a good turnout for this historically low-turnout, but very important election.

The Downers Grove Township Democratic Organization will hold several “Days of Action” for the April 4 election. The first will be Saturday, February 25. Watch for information in the DGTDO email blast and come out to support good candidates for school boards and village councils. We will provide candidate literature and walk lists and you can choose which candidates for whom you wish to either canvass  or phone bank.