By Chris Hotchkin

Now is the time when your role as a precinct committeeperson can have such a big impact. The Consolidated Election coming up on April 4 is historically low-turnout. A Precinct Committeeperson can have a positive impact on voter turnout. Here is how:

  • If you haven’t already, compose a precinct letter. There is a sample in this newsletter. You can print your letter in our Downers Grove Township Democrats office.
  • Get a list of voters you want to encourage to go to the polls. Sue Sitton has sent you a list. If you need it resent, just contact Sue at the office at 630-297-8600 or dgdemocrats@gmail.com.
  • Gather your printed letter and perhaps a sample ballot which you can also print at the office, along with campaign literature of any candidates you wish to support. We have plastic doorhanger bags in the office you can use. If you can, knock on the doors on your list. If they are not home, leave your packet in their door or on their stoop. Do not place anything in their mailbox—that is illegal. If they do answer their door, identify yourself as the Democratic PC and that you are encouraging them to get out and vote in this important local election. Ask them how they plan to vote—by mail, early voting, or election day. If they have received a vote by mail ballot, encourage them to fill it out and mail it right away.
  • If you prefer to mail your letter to your voters, Sue will assist you to print labels for the households. You can include one or two pieces of literature in with your letter and sample ballot. Make sure it does not weigh more than an ounce. You will need to provide the postage stamps.
  • You can get updates on who has received Vote by Mail ballots or who has Voted Early. (Ask Sue for help with this.) Then prior to Election Day you can contact those who have not and remind them to vote on Election Day or to mail in their ballots. Remind them that they can vote at any polling place in DuPage County.
  • Your voters may have questions about who to vote for. Direct them to our Downers Grove Democrats website: dgdemocrats.org. They can click on the Elections button and the 2023 Election and see a list of all candidates. Those with ** are likely to share our Democratic values.

Celebrate you hard work by joining us at our DGTDO Bowling Party on April 16 at 3:00 at Tivoli Bowling. Bring your kids or grandchildren. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dgbowling