Tammy Sarver holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh, a Juris Doctorate degree from Duquesne University School of Law, and a Ph.D. in Political Science and Statistics from the University of South Carolina. Tammy is currently a professor of Political Science, Pre-Law Advisor, Director of Gender Studies Minor, and Title IX Coordinator at Benedictine University where she has worked for over twenty years. Tammy has dedicated her life to learning and believes that her experience as a trained researcher and educator in political science and law has prepared her to serve her community on a practical level, as she is well-equipped to put her vast knowledge of government, and how it works, to best serve Downers Grove.

Tammy knows first-hand the challenges that can occur living in a community with storm water issues, ponds, and creeks – much of her backyard was declared a federally protected wetland which she loves. She believes that the protection of nature and development should be carefully balanced so that our local businesses can thrive, while at the same time maintaining the uniqueness and natural beauty that makes Downers Grove special.

Downers Grove is a welcoming community and Tammy hopes to keep it that way. She believes that no matter where we all stand on social issues, everyone should be safe and secure in our town. Issues of homelessness, affordable housing, and inclusivity should be treated with compassion and grace, and hate and hate speech should never be tolerated.

Tammy does research for a living and is aware how important thorough investigation and rational thought are for decision making at the community-wide level. She promises to utilize those skills to assist in making decisions for Downers Grove that represent best practices.

Tammy is a resident of Downers Grove where she lives in an old farmhouse. Family means a lot to Tammy which includes her mother who recently moved to Downers Grove from her hometown in Pennsylvania, her life partner Martin, his twelve-year old daughter, Marina, and her two dogs, Circe and Zeldy.