By Carla Feinkind

Trump was found guilty of sexual assault and defamation against E Jean Carroll. He owes her 5 million dollars!  Immediately, he was posting and loudly proclaiming that it was all LIES as he and HIS GOP fanned the flames of their basket’s hate and anger. He manipulates fear and hate for other races, religions, and even increasingly against vulnerable kids struggling with their sexual identities to serve his agenda!

Does this remind you of another unsettled time in history? Hitler used these tactics to organize and motivate Germans in the 1930’s. Suffering from the world wide economic depression and their humiliating defeat in WWI, many Germans gathered round the future Fuhrer’s plans to Make Germany Great Again. While some considered Hitler a joke, they did not mobilize to defeat him. Then, once he was in power, it was too late and the violence and murders BEGAN.

As in Germany, too many people look away as Trump’s lies and malice grow. This week CNN put Trump on the air live. He engaged in a petty back and forth that made him look powerful to his people.  And again, we saw how facts do not always win against this psychopathic liar.

Trump and his GOP are most likely not going to round up large swaths of our population, but their ideology and policies do lead to violence. Just this week families enjoying a day at the mall were shot dead by a gunman with a “Right Wing Death Squad” patch on his chest who was heavily involved in white supremacist and neo-Nazi online message boards. This is a direct result of the GOP’s loose gun laws coupled with their fear-mongering and race-baiting.  I know of Jewish Temples that felt they had to hire armed guards for when they were worshipping.   Mosques are doing that too.

Now, the GOP is refusing to raise the debt ceiling, despite the fact that they did it for Trump three times in his four years. Much of our debt today is actually from Trump and his policies of HUGE tax cuts for the SUPER RICH. But, all the GOP cares about is making Biden look bad, even if it means American families will suffer.

History should have taught us that We MUST NOT BE SILENT. Chip into Democrats locally and nationwide. Contact your elected officials – Democrats AND Republicans, from School Boards to Congress. Talk with family, friends and fellow parishioners.

Make sure EVERYONE you know HEARS you. Remind them to VOTE and VOTE BLUE!

We MUST NOT repeat History’s mistakes. If Not now, WHEN?  If NOT us, WHO?