By Julia Kennedy Beckman, DGTDO Chair

Once again, a big thank you to Sara Knizhnik for sharing with us the very latest on her years-long battle for gun safety at our May 10 meeting.  I hope you all viewed it on Zoom if you were not in the room.  As always, Sara shared data on proposed legislation and action steps.   There were thoughtful questions and good discussion with the attendees.  Sara is welcome back to DGTDO anytime.

I think it’s time for a moment of joy for us.  Donald Trump was finally held accountable last week and must pay E Jean Carroll 5 million dollars!!  She won!  There is some justice in this world.  Now stay tuned for the next few trials!

For DGTDO, we are looking forward to a very busy time between now and November, 2024.   The next 2 or 3 months will be time for preparation and organization.   We’ve made volunteer forms available online and hard copies in the office.   Please seriously consider what role you could play and let us know.  There will be several committees from which you can choose.  Especially important will be recruiting more volunteers — letter writers, telephone callers, precinct committeepersons, etc.  Stay tuned and step up!

A few things to bring to your attention:

Fundraiser at Country House Restaurant.  For the full week of June 12 through June 18 -Father’s Day, you will be able to dine at Country House in Clarendon Hills and DGTDO gets 20% of the bill (except for any liquor).  Download the coupon to your phone or print one off.  Dine one day or every day. Take your fathers, husbands, sons, sons-in-law for lunch or dinner!

I’ve asked Vice Chair Chris Hotchkin, our by-laws guru, to take a look at our by-laws once again with a committee and come back to us with recommendations.  We are taking a look at our current membership process.

In June, the DuPage County Board will be voting to approve the new precinct boundaries.  Most precincts will be larger.  Our current number is 156.  The new number of precincts will be around 100.  We’ll have more information to share when the new boundaries are approved.

Last, please keep an eye out for the email blasts which are full of important current information and action steps.  Thanks to Sue Sitton for keeping us current!  And to Leslie Sadowski-Fugitt for updating our Facebook page.  Be sure to share good information you receive!

Speaking of blasts and emails — please do take action on the steps highlighted in this newsletter.  There is always so much to do!!

Onward Together!