By Chris Hotchkin

Summer is approaching with its many activities for Downers Grove Township Democrats. We count on our precinct committeepersons to participate as you can. For example, we hope you will plan to dine at Country House on 55th Street in Clarendon Hills during the week of June 12- 18 with a Downer Grove Township Democrats coupon so that we receive 20% of your payment. Also, we count on you to participate in one or two of the July 4th parades (Darien in the morning and Downers Grove in the afternoon) if you will be in town.

In your precinct, now is a good time to do some “deep canvassing”. This just means to visit some of your good Democratic households and have a conversation with them regarding what issues they think are important and how they might want to get involved with DGTDO. During campaign season we may not have time to spend more than a minute or two at a voter’s door. Now, you can spend a little more time in good conversation with your voters.

Remember to note in Votebuilder (or make a note on paper to give to Sue) any information you receive from your voters, such as email addresses or what kind of volunteer work for DGTDO they might have interest in.

Contact Sue Sitton in the office if you would like more information about “deep canvassing” and if you would like her help to make a list of households to visit.