Bob Jeffers, longtime Democratic PC, who sadly passed away on May 5, was one of the most dedicated Democrats to ever serve the party in DuPage County.

Bob was an active participant in the Democratic Party of DuPage County for more than four decades. He served as Precinct Committeeman in both Milton and Downers Grove Townships and was the treasurer of both townships as well. His experience enabled him to serve the Democratic Party of DuPage County as Treasurer for 24 years, stepping down in 2018. In recognition of his long-term commitment to DuPage Democrats, he was awarded the Tinker Harvey Pioneer Award in 2012.

In a remarkable testament to the respect that his company felt for him, Bob retired from AT&T in 2015 after 37 years, avoiding 29 lay-offs and downsizings.  His company, just like the DGTDO, never wanted him to leave!

Bob also served as treasurer for countless candidates — never missing a state filing date and always carefully tracking income and expenditures. In one year that Tammy Duckworth was running for Congress and used our Democratic Party of DuPage County office, he skillfully managed and kept separate the Federal and State accounts. Again, no mistakes!

In recent years Bob was a vital part of the DGTDO Trivia Team, contributing a wealth of knowledge about history, geography, and movies.

We already miss Bob and hope that all of us will strive to be as kind and patient with each other as he was with all of us!