By Julia Kennedy Beckman, DGTDO Chair

I hope you’re all enjoying our beautiful, but very dry weather!

Our June meeting was very informative on 2 levels:

  • Our appellate justices, Linda Davenport and Joe Hettel, gave us a balcony view of the various levels of Illinois courts, from county circuits to the state Supreme Court.  They included a look at the new DuPage sub-circuits, which will allow more diversity in our court system.  Thanks to Justices Davenport and Hettel!
  • We also heard from our own PC of the Month, Carla Feinkind. She is a retired PC, but we needed to hear her dramatic story of her life in Brooklyn NY, how her relatives adopted the two Rosenberg children after their parents were convicted by the US government as Communist spies and executed.  She also informed us that her husband is the child of holocaust survivors. Thanks to Carla for sharing her story and for her many years of generosity to the DGTDO!

Saturday, June 17, we hosted Representative Jennifer Ladisch-Douglas, IL 42nd District, at our Coffee and Chat.  Thanks to all who attended.  Representative Douglas was most generous with her time and enlightened us about the bills she has passed and the seven committees on which she serves!  This was the second in our new monthly series of chats with elected officials.  Stay tuned for the July meeting, guest TBA!

This summer, we’ll begin recruiting volunteers in our orphan precincts.  Please consider knocking on a few doors or calling Democrats!

Onward Together!